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The Joker Blogs Telugu Full Movie Download

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646f9e108c After his reign of terror in The Dark Knight, the criminal mastermind known as the Joker is now locked up in Arkham Asylum where he continues to wreak havoc as he slowly becomes a threat much greater than anyone expected.
The following recordings are for the expressed purpose of medical research and is the sole ownership of Gotham City's Arkham Asylum Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program staff and facilities. Doctor H. Quinzel is currently responsible for the video sessions for Patient #4479 and are intended for her viewing and the hospital team's viewing only.
Have you ever wondered what happened to the Joker after seeing The Dark Knight? Great Scott / DeVary Best Productions brings one of the finest, well written stories based off of the characters that we all love and cherish created by Bob Kane. From the first season, which establishes the basis of where the Joker has been during some of the events between The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises, to the six part mini-series "Further Evidence", the majority of everything is well acted and well written. (My personal favorites are "BRB", "Three Minutes to Midnight" and the 6th Further Evidence episode "Therapy Ends") McClure is brilliant in his portrayal of the Joker (enough so to where I believe the late Heath Ledger would tip his hat to him out of respect if he could). Other characters such as Jeremiah Arkham (Steven Molony) and Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Kira Westberg) are also very well developed and portrayed. If you are a fan of the Batman/Dark Knight characters, and the amazing work done by Christopher Nolen in his Batman Trilogy, you will enjoy this amazing piece of art. Myself, and many others included, very much look forward to the 2nd Season. Check it out today, put on a big SMILE, sit back and enjoy the ride.
I have but one word for this web series…AMAZING. Seriously, the creators behind JokerBlogs truly are magicians because they know how to capture an audience, and they know how to reel them in.<br/><br/>Taking place between &quot;Dark Knight&quot; and &quot;Rises&quot;, psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel has taken a special interest in patient #4479 at Arkham. Gatherinh bits and clues to the whereabouts of Joker&#39;s (McClure) mental stability, they quickly fall in love. Problem is: She&#39;s getting married. All sessions of Joker/Harleen&#39;s time together is recorded. After breaking loose of the psychiatric ward, Joker takes a camera to film mayhem throughout Gotham, and seeking to crash Quinzel&#39;s wedding to change her mind. Leaving clues and hints as to where he is, GCPD sets out to capture the mass-murdering clown. But does he get caught? The series is wonderfully put together and props to the actors. Each episode is a thrill, but unless you want Batman references and developing story, I say skip to episode 8, &quot;BRB&quot;, because that&#39;s where the story really takes off. It is very smart and written well, and it&#39;s actually satirical and funny! You&#39;ll enjoy the mystery and mayhem of the delicious nail-biter! 11/10

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